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According to the statistics year 2010 in Indonesia there are more than a thousand nations across Nusantara so
that Indonesia is very rich in diversity of the traditional cultural expressions.The traditional cultural expressions are “intangible culture creation” an ancestral estate that must be maintained, maintained, developed and
protected from exploitation and unilateral claim a foreign country or misappropriation. The creator of the
work of cultural expression generally not recognized, so that an obligation to protect the traditional cultural
expressions especially being on the state as copyright holders and to indigenous as caretaker the origin of the
birth of creation culture it. jika ownership of intellectual property in regime trips is individual so that in
protection the traditional cultural expressions ownership of their rights are communal namely to be shared
indigenous caretaker creation traditional culture concerned. As the holder of the power of the traditional
cultural expressions, the government is given the right of the management or a right economic exploitation
(economic rights) an expression of the traditional culture of rights moralnya while (moral rights), remain on
the community. The law enforcement abuse of the traditional cultural expressions existing during this is less
exhilarating. Several factors thought to cause the ineffectiveness of law enforcement abuse by foreign parties
claiming unilaterally cultural expression the traditional. Copyright Act Number 28 Year 2014 expected more
effective in legal protection the traditional cultural expressions.


Traditional Culture Expression, Claim Abuse, Communal Right



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