Ali Wardhana, Apriani Dorkas Rambu Atahau


Bond investment had been popular recently in Indonesian capital market by theissuance of government retail bond known as Obligasi Ritel Indonesia(ORI). The emergence ofORI in Indonesian bond market had brought into account the need to disseminate many aspectsof bond trading included duration concept that was central in the discussion of bond investment.Previous research done by Widayanti (2007) towards corporate bond traded in Surabaya StockExchange could not immunize the bond portfolio because of the unparallel movement ofinterest rate during the research period. This research aimed at continuing the previous researchby applying different tools of analysis, known as partial duration which was suitable forunparallel movement of interest rate. The result obtained indicated that partial durationcould not be used for the immunization both single and portfolio of bonds. However, it wasfound that by using partial duration to immunize single and portfolio of bonds, the deviationbetween expected and obtained result was somewhat lower compared to Modified duration.


bond, modified duration, partial duration, immunization

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