Settlement of Disputes on Ulayat Land Management in the Wesei Wehali Indigenous Community

Lelicartika Metak, Mamluatun Nichayah


The land has an important role in society, so it is not strange that when it comes to land it will cause a problem that is quite vulnerable, both regarding land ownership, and land management, as well as problems in the legal traffic of land rights. The life of indigenous peoples is entirely based on the land, therefore land is an inseparable part of indigenous peoples with all the natural resources (SDA) in it. This refers to the dispute between ordinary people and indigenous peoples in maintaining customary rights according to their respective perceptions, which in this case triggers between the two parties. The purpose of this article is to examine and analyze the causes of the occurrence between indigenous peoples and ordinary people in ulayat lands in Wesei Wehali. The research method used is empirical legal research because this research uses interviews and direct data collection by the parties whose location is the place of indigenous people of the Wesei Wehali indigenous people. The results of this study indicate the causes of communal land disputes in the Wesei Wehali area, namely: (1) The boundaries of communal land are not clear. Boundaries are always based on natural boundaries such as rivers, forests, hills, etc., (2) ulayat land which is not managed by customary law communities so the ulayat land is managed by other people who are not part of this community.


Disputes; Indigenous peoples; Ulayat rights

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