Procedure for Claiming Unsecured People's Business Credit (KUR) Insurance with Bad Loan

Laila Elfarinda


The government is trying to develop business assistance to MSMEs through the People's Business Credit (KUR) program without collateral with a maximum ceiling of 100 million. However, it is no longer an open secret that the problems often faced by Banks are bad loans. So there needs to be a guarantor who can be a third party between the customer and the bank which will be an alternative solution to the problem of bad credit. This study aims to determine the procedure for credit insurance claims on unsecured KUR who experience bad credit. This research is descriptive. Based on the results of the discussion, it can be concluded that in the procedure for submitting an unsecured KUR credit insurance claim that must be paid by the guarantor to the bank is 70% x the remaining principal + overdue bills which are included in the collectibility category of 6 (five) or loss. Credit insurance claims that have been paid by the guarantor against the bank does not relieve the People's Business Credit (KUR) customers from the obligation to pay off the People's Business Credit (KUR) and the bank continues to collect the People's Business Credit (KUR) customers. 


Creditors, Debtors, Insurance claims, People's Business Credit (KUR)

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