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Jayapura district has many attractions that can be developed. Tourism in Jayapura that became a tourist visit as the monument of General Douglas Mac Arthur in Ifar Mountains, Kampung Pulau Asei Travel, Tourism Village Tourism Village Abar and Tablanusu. The tourism sector is positioned as a strategic sector in the national development as well be one source of income. This sector needs to be developed because it is considered as an effective tool for the improvement of the local economy such as employment and development of the regions that have the potential as a tourist attraction. Tourism is something that is needed by every human being because the longer a person is engaged in his work, the opportunity to calm the mind with a traveled the main choice. This study used a qualitative descriptive research is generally done with the primary goal, namely describe systematically the scientific information derived from the subject and object of research. Descriptive study focuses on a systematic explanation of the facts obtained during research conducted and the characteristics of the object being studied. The analysis technique used SWOT analysis is "Assessment / assessment of the identification of the situation to find out if a condition is said to be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats.
Internal factors that support the development of tourism Jayapura district are: tourist attraction, in the form of nature, especially the beaches in Jayapura District, Enchantment Tours, beautiful, natural beauty tours that have not been exposed to pollution, diversity of shore excursions, many beaches are scattered in the district of Jayapura, beautiful scenery, cultural attractions from various regions surrounding the tour in Jayapura. External factors that favor the development of tourism Jayapura District, among others: travel business opportunities in the tourist area in Jayapura


Strategy, Tourism, Visitation

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