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Focus and Scope

Electrical Engineering, Mechatronic dan Computer Science



Section Policies


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Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to this journal must follow focus and scope, and author guidelines of this journal. The submitted manuscripts must address scientific merit or novelty appropriate to the focus and scope. All manuscripts must be free from plagiarism contents. All authors are suggested to use plagiarism detection software to do the similarity checking. Editors check the plagiarism detection of articles in this journal by using a Turnitin software.

The research article submitted to this journal will be peer-reviewed at least 2 (two) or more expert reviewers. The reviewers give scientific valuable comments improving the contents of the manuscript.

Final decision of articles acceptance will be made by Editors according to reviewers comments. Publication of accepted articles including the sequence of published articles will be made by Editor in Chief by considering sequence of accepted date and geographical distribution of authors as well as thematic issue.


Publication Frequency

JEEMECS published twice a year on February and August


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Ethics Statement

Author or Authors of Journal of Electrical Engineering, Mechatronic and Computer Science is/are agree to follow ethics standard ruled by Editorial Board of Dewan Redaksi JEEMECS. Author or Authors have/have to obey and notice authorship right, plagiarism, double publication, data manipulation, manipulative citation, ethnic acceptance and Intellectual of Property Right.

An authorship is a person who participates in research and has enough responsibility on all of the publication contents. When authorship related with one group, every author has to contributes things as follow: (i) conception and research design, data acquisition, data analysis, and interpretation; (ii) article composing and revising; and (iii) final acceptance from the latest version to be published. Article submission means that every author has read and accepted final version of the article submitted, and approve with the article publication. All of the authors have to take responsibility for quality, accuracy and writing ethics.

Plagiarism is an act that takes other’s people work or ideas and claim it for him/herself without involving those people. The submitted article has to be an original article from the author/authors.

Double Publication, is an article published which substantially overlapping with another article that already published, without clear citation referring to the other publication. The article submission will be considered to be published only if it is sent for this publication only and not substantially overlapping with a previously published article. Every article that has a hypothesis, sample characteristic, methodology, result and same conclusion (or closely related) with other published article is a duplicate article and forbid to be published, even include, if the article has been published in other languages. Obtain data from a single research to make several different articles without different content should be avoided.

Fabrication data manipulation is an ethics violation and forbidden.

Reference Manipulation, an only relevant reference that can be used in an article. A personal reference which not relevant increase author citation (h-index) or unnecessary citation to raise reference numbers is not allowed.

Ethic Acceptance, an experiment conducted on human and animal need to be permitted from an official institution and not violate the law. Human and animal experiment have to be clearly stated on “Materials and Method”, also examined and permitted by professionals from the moral aspect. Research conducted on a human has to fit with Helsinki Declaration principles and need to be supervised by the doctor on biomedical research that includes human as a subject. Details of data from the human subject can only be included if it is really important for scientific purpose and author/authors. Details of data from human subjects can only be included if very get premeditated from the related person, their parents or guardian.

Intellectual Property Right, author/authors have/have to obey the law and/or ethic in conduct the research object, notice the legality of material source and intellectual property right. Conflict of interest and fund source of author/authors has to mention all of the financial support from an institution, private and corporate, and note down every potential conflict of interest.


Publication Acceptance of an article implies that those article has been published in a seminar (oral or poster) and reviewed Board of Editor or other party appointed. Generally, the author will be notified of the acceptance, rejection or revision needed in 1 until 2 months after presentation. An article rejected,  if the content is not relevant with the publication scope, not fulfilled ethic standard (fraud authorship, plagiarism, double publication, data and citation manipulation), not achieved quality needed, not written in the correct format, complicated grammar or ignore correspondence within three months. Primary criteria for the publication is scientific quality and already presented. The article which accepted will chronologically publish. This publication will do several times in a year, but online publication only did after “proofreading”.

Copy Right

Article submission implies that it never published before (except for part of thesis, report or abstract);  which is not currently considered to published in any kind of others publication; that the publication is already accepted by all of the co-authors, and if accepted for publication, author still hold copyright and maintain the right without limitation. Author or other people allowed to copy the article as long as not for commercial purposes. For new findings, the author suggested to managing the patent first before publishing it.

Open Access

This publication is committed to free-open access which does not cost reader or the institution for access. The user has right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or make a citation to the article as long as not for commercial purpose.


No responsibility can be aimed to the publisher or co-publisher or editor for the damages to person or property caused by actual statement or slander, intellectual copyright violation, and personal right or product liability, both come from negligence or the opposite, or from the use of idea, instruction, procedure, product or method contain in an article.



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