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Researchers, Lecturers, and Public Administration Experts are invited to contributetheir scientific papers to Publisia: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Publik. Published every April and October

Certificate of Accreditation


Publisia: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Publik is to disseminate conceptual thinking or ideas and results of research that have been achieved in the fields of public administration, public policy, and governance. Especially focused on issues in the development of public policy science and local governance. 

Publisia: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Publik site provides journal articles for free download. The journal is a national scientific journal which is a reference source of academics in the field of public administration.

It has been nationally accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia by the letter B/3693/E5/E5.2.1/2019 on Nov 12, 2019SINTA-3 Rating, from Volume 4 Issue 1, 2019 to Volume 9 Issue 1, 2024

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