Journal History

Jurnal Manajemen dan Kewirausahaan (JMDK) was first published by Pusat Pengembangan Manajemen dan Bisnis, Management Department at 2013 (ISSN PRINT: 2301-9093).

The publisher of JMDK changed into University of Merdeka Malang in 2017 because the DOI is managed by the university.

Jurnal Manajemen dan Kewirausahaan (JMDK) became an online journal in 2016 (ISSN ONLINE: 2540-8259)

Since 2016, JMDK use IMRAD format (Introduction, Method, Result and Discussion)

In December 2016, there were changes on to the header of the article display format (adding the title and the volume of the journal)

In June 2018, there were changes on the title of the article (capitalize each word) and on the footer of the article display format (adding the copyright)

In December 2018, JMDK start to use review form and 2 reviewers for each article with blind reviews.

In Vol 6 (2018), JMDK start to use continues page numbering in issue 1 and issue 2

JMDK starts to use new template in June 2022