Journal History

Thirsty to get a place of expression in the form of writing and reading material felt a little remedied by the realization of this Local Wisdom online journal. This publication aims to further disseminate the understanding, knowledge and opinions of various groups (academics, practitioners and even bureaucrats) who care about the sustainability of local wisdom in various aspects of life. This media is a connector for the local wisdom seminar held at the University of Merdeka Malang on August 7, 2009, as the implementation of the PHK A-2 Program in the Department of Architecture, University of Merdeka Malang. To provide further space for local wisdom studies, at the end of the seminar it was stated that the seminar would continue in various forms (book publishing, local wisdom seminar 2, 3 ... etc.), which was later developed by publishing online journal Local Wisdom.

This journal got the Printed ISSN number (P2086-3764) in 2010 and Electronic ISSN number in February 2018.

LWSOJ is indexed in Google Scholar (in 2017).

LWSOJ established changes in the structure of writing starting from vol. 10 no 1, 2018.

LWSOJ is indexed in Portal Garuda (in 2019).

LWSOJ publishes partially in English for issue 11, No. 1, January 2019. Then in the next issue will be published fully in English.

LWSOJ is indexed in the ICI Journals Master List database for 2017 and LWSOJ Index Copernicus Value has been published on 29th of January, 2019.

LWSOJ is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals System (DOAJ) on 26 March 2019

LWSOJ is indexed in the Science and Technology Index (SINTA) ranked 3 on April 4, 2019 (No. 10 / E / KPT / 2019)

LWSOJ is indexed in the Science and Technology Index (SINTA) ranked 2 on December 27, 2021 (No. 164 / E / KPT / 2021) from Volume 13 Issue 1, 2021 to Volume 17 Issue 2, 2025