The Effectiveness of Detailed Feedback on The Improvement of Students' Composition

Utik Kuntariati, Malikhatul Lailiyah


This study was aimed at knowing whether the final product of composition which is given detailed feedback (error correction) performs better than of that given global feedback. The accessible population of the study was the whole second year students of English Department of Islamic University of Malang, academic year 2005/2006. The study used quasi-experimental, nonrandomized control group, pretest-posttest design. This was so because the experiment was conducted in classroom setting in which the classes had been organized into classes D and E. The result of the study revealed that there was no significant difference of the two groups experimental and control group. The result showed that the two groups had the same ability in writing paragraph. From the result concluded that the final product of composition written by students which is given detailed feedback (error correction) perform the same as of those given global feedback.


Detailed feedback, composition, teaching writing


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