Improving the Students Skills of Speaking English and the Learning Process of Speaking English through Information Gap Strategy

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Speaking is a skill that requires the ability of organizing ideas (encoding) well and meaningfully so that the utterances produced can be understood by the listener. This Classroom Action Research (CAR) aimed at describing the model of teaching English speaking by using information gap strategy for both overcoming the problems faced by the students when they spoke English and improving the students skills of speaking English. The subject of this research was 30 Eleventh Social Studies 2 graders of Public Senior High School 7 of Malang Even Semester in Academic Year 2012/2013. The data collection was done by using 3 instruments, namely a pre-test, an observation sheet used by the collaborator, and a student questionnaire. This research has successfully developed a model of teaching speaking English by using information gap strategy with the following procedure: (1) the teacher asks the students to work in pairs; (2) each pair is given a crossword puzzle which is different from the other pairs; (3) all pairs do asking and answering at the same time to fill out the crossword puzzle in 45 minutes in their seats; (4) the collaborator evaluates the students performance of speaking during doing their tasks. Based on the collected data, the information gap strategy proved effective in improving both the students skills of speaking English and the learning process of speaking English. The detailed results of this were as follows: (1) Cycle 1: there were 11 of 14 pairs appropriately using Yes/No-questions (78.6 %), 2 pairs appropriately using WH-questions (14.3 %), 14 pairs appropriately giving answers (100 %), 12 pairs with appropriate pronunciation (85.7 %), and 2 pairs with appropriate fluency (14.3 %) ; pertinent to the learning process, all of the 14 pairs showed a state of being enjoyable in speaking English (100 %), 12 pairs showing a state of being enthusiastic (85.7 %), all of the 14 pairs showing their seriousness in speaking English (100 %), and 12 pairs managing to accomplish the tasks of speaking English in the given time; (2) Cycle 2: all of the 12 pairs appropriately used Yes/No-questions (100 %), 11 pairs appropriately using WH-questions (91.7 %), all of the pairs appropriately giving answers (100 %), 10 pairs with appropriate pronunciation (83.3 %), and 11 pairs with appropriate fluency (91.7 %).


Improving, Speaking English Skills, Information Gap Strategy, Crossword Puzzle

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