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Is a scientific periodical of the Faculty of the Law University of Merdeka Malang that contains various research results in the field of law, analysis or actual case studies, or actual ideas related to law. A scientific period is intended as a means of scientific communication and means of coaching, development, and strengthening of knowledge in the field of law. Academics, legal practitioners, or anyone interested in the field of law may submit scientific papers to the editor by taking note of the guidelines for writing. The editors have the right to revise the writing without altering the substance. The author is solely responsible for the substance and originality of the article. This scientific periodical publication in October 1996 with the name "Pandecta" Journal of Law Science.

  • Since December 2010 changed its name to "Jurnal Cakrawala Hukum" and published in 2 (two) times, every June and December.
  • Starting the December 2014 issue using the new ISSN Print, which is 2356-4962 and the original Volume 19 turned into Volume 5.
  • Starting June 2017 issue volume 8 using the new online ISSN 2598-6538. these changes mark the use of online submissions systems and some other changes, including writing guidelines, review guides, revision guidelines journal templates, and so on with regard to this new system.
  • Since August 1, 2017, Jurnal Cakrawala Hukum (JCH) has been indexing:
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  • Since August 1, 2017, Jurnal Cakrawala Hukum (JCH) has been tools:


  • Starting June 2018 issue volume 9 Number 1, some other changes, including writing guidelines, journal templates, cover, Peer Reviewers and Editorial team.
  • Starting June 2018 issue Volume 9 Number 1, has been Indexed in the ICI Journal Master List 2018; ICV 2018: 72.26.
  • starting June 2018 Jurnal Cakrawala Hukum (JCH) has been Accredited “Rank 3”(Peringkat 3) as a scientific journal under the decree of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Decree NOMOR 23/E/KPT/2019, August 19th 2019.
  • Starting issue Volume 11 No 1 2020 Jurnal Cakrawala Hukum (JCH) has been publish 3th time of year is April,  August & December.

Editorial Office
Jurnal Cakrawala Hukum
Faculty of Law University of Merdeka Malang

address icon redFaculty of Law Building, Terusan Dieng Street 62-64, Malang City, East Java, Indonesia, 65146.
Phone (0341) 580161 Faks (0341) 588395
Whatsapp IDJCH +6285234880048

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