ISSN: 2356-4962 (Print) 2598-6538 (Online)
First Online Publication: 1996
Full English Language: 2022 - present
Duration: Approx. 40 days to the first decision
Acceptance Rate: 35% of the total submissions
Frequency: 3 (three) issues per year
DOI: 10.26905/idjch
Grade: SINTA 3
Topic: Analysis of actual case studies, or ideas related to actual laws in parts of Southeast Asia with comparisons of laws in the world
Publisher: Faculty of Law,  University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia
Indexing: SintaDoajDimensionsICI CopernicusGoogle Scholar
Audience: Legal scholars, Academics, Law enforcers, Lecturers, StudentsPractitioners
Geographical Diversity: Indonesia, Singapore, US America, England, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Prancis, and Australia
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